Killer Calamari's Nonexistent First Album

by Killer Calamari



released July 3, 2012

Austin Aeschliman - Stuff
Kyle Carrozza - Things




Killer Calamari Colorado

Killer Calamari is a band on the internet.

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Track Name: Spiderine
Spiderine, he's the Spiderine
The coolest hero to hit the scene
He's a combination of the two best ones
So what could possibly go wrong?

He was bitten by a radioactive spider
Then Weapon X infused his bones
He shoots webs of pure adamantium
So you'd really best leave him alone
He lives with his aunt Xavior
He's angry, but also quite witty
He's totally got dual citizenship
And he's violating your kitty

Spiderine, he's the Spiderine
The raddest dude to do the martyr thing
You’re two favorite heroes from the comic strips
Must’ve mashed their DNA like The Fly

If you cut his foot with a giant sword
He’d regenerate his missing toes
He gets in fights with men in tights
Green Gogneto is his greatest foe
He's played by Tobhugh Jackaguire
His costume is yellow-red
He's an outcast to all of the neighborhood
Cause he scratches walls when he climbs on them

Spiderine, he's the Spiderine
See his movie on the silver screen
He’s a better crossover than Fantastic One
Where the lead was Mr. Invisthingtorch

His girlfriend is Marry Jean Betty Storm
His real name is Pete “Logan” Parklett
Stan Lee probably created him
Harry Cyclosborne is his best friend
With great power comes great ass kicking skills
Don’t provoke him lest you want a lash
His rival DC counterpart’s outselling him
Damn you, Super Wonder Bat Lantern Flash

Spiderine he's the Spiderine
Your friendly, angry neighborhood Spiderine
He'll take a picture of his mutton chops
Unless we got a detail or two wrong